Batalla en el Cielo
Carlos Reygadas, 2004


HALLEY [Sebastián Hofmann 2012]


Halley is an essay about anguish in a time when the certainties we thought we had over our bodies fade away. Without us even realizing it, we might develop illnesses over time. Our bodies decay little by little behind our backs. We live ignoring life´s fragile temporality; and, when this finally becomes manifest, we live it as a rebelion against ourselves. Halley is a contemporary Gothic tale that offers a compassive take on the life of a damned one. Alberto is a helpless witness, a prisoner of his own body, of his putrefaction. He has crossed the line of what we commonly know as “living” and hardly manages to survive thanks to the mysterious plots of his particular condition. Alberto´s being is a reflection of mortality and loneliness of the decrepit. Halley underscores the pathetic decay of flesh and soul through time, in a world that strives to repel this notion. Some people do everything to deny the complete and utter banishment of what we are. Using fictional infomercials and through a gym environment as setup, the film explores the avoidance of our own fragility through notions of beauty and health. We will see people running without departing from the most disturbing realities of their existence. Halley is named after the comet that orbits around the Sun every 75 years… the only of its kind visible without a telescope. We have been aware of its visitations at least since 1066 AC, as evidenced in Bayeux´s Tapestry. He is the eternal witness of our history, with its cycles of boom and decadence. The space between each one of its visits closely resembles our lifespan.


Bugambilia (Emilio Fernández, 1945)

Dolores del Rio and Perdo Armendáriz


"Deceptively sumptuous given its scruffy punk milieu, We Are Mari Pepa (Somos Mari Pepa) breathes unexpected life into the naturally jaded (but hormone-riddled) body of youth/skate/band/buddy flicks.”

Jay Kuehner.


CINEMA | Contrafábula de Una Niña Disecada
Dir. Alejandro Iglesias Mendizabal

— — — — — — — — — — —
AUG/AGO 2014 
— — — — — — — — — — — 

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Fotogramas del desnudo que provocó la censura de la película La mancha de sangre (1937)de Adolfo Best Maugard.

La protagonista de esta película, Stella Inda, adquirió fama como la madre de Pedro, en la película Los olvidados, de Luis Buñuel.

Netflixeando: 15 Mexican Films You Should Stream on Netflix

Narco cultura, Déficit, Biutiful, Post Tenebras Lux, También la lluvia, Año bisiesto, Ahí va el diablo, Los bastardos, Parque Vía, among others, are also available!


Elsa Aguirre en Cantando Nace el Amor (1954)

Cantinflas (2014)


Cinco días sin Nora / Mariana Chenillo 2009

El puño de hierro. México, 1927 Director: Gabriel García Moreno


CINEMA | Trailer | Filosofía Natural Del Amor
(Natural Philosphy of Love)
Dir. Sebastián Hiriart
+ Costa Rica, 2014

Natural Philosophy of Love is a small and wonderful movie, full of surprises, pleasures, moments of contemplation, and other thinking. An while we could say it lacks to delve into each of the topics, stories and methods proposed; We can also say that it will be well for mexican cinema to have works like this in its panorama.”

— — — — — — — — — —

Filosofía… es una pequeña y maravillosa película, llena de sorpresas, placeres, momentos de contemplación, y otros de reflexión. Si bien, podríamos decir que le falta profundizar en cada uno de los tópicos, historias y métodos, que propone; también podemos decir que le hará bien al cine mexicano tener obras así en su imaginario.”

GABRIEL ACOSTA (@elgaboacosta)
SEPT 2014

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Paraísos artificiales / Artificial Paradises


Todos Estan Muertos (2014) dir. Beatriz Sanchis

Ever since her brother died, Lupe has lived an agoraphobic life at odds with her teenage son and her superstitious Mexican mother. It takes a drastic Day of the Dead ritual to wake her up and teach her the value of saying goodbye.

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